“As a multi-sport athlete, I’ve found the necessity of incorporating strength training into my weekly routine. Nearly four years ago, I began crossfit with Jon Farwell. Through his coach for life approach, I made tremendous gains in both my triathlon training and my physique. I trained with him at a different crossfit facility; however, that gym developed into a place that did not allow for the individualized attention that I needed to be motivated and engaged. My progress was stagnant and I knew something needed to change. Plagued with a lingering tendonitis injury, I made the decision to transition over to Jon’s new crossfit gym – Crossfit IronBorn.”

“This decision paid off in many ways. At Crossfit IronBorn, my Olympic lifting and interval training have improved significantly. My technique (though always in need of tweaks and adjustments) is better than it has ever been. Also, it is a community where I feel comfortable and welcome. There is no pressure to “lift heavy” or look a certain way. Crossfit IronBorn is about personal accomplishments with a team of support. It is a crossfit gym where you will find a coach for life who will change your life. In July, I’ll tackle a sprint triathlon that I completed for the first time in 2009. Six years later, I expect to crush my previous time in that race due to the work I’ve done at Crossfit IronBorn over the past eight months.”

“I began training with Jon Farwell a little over 4 years ago. I entered the gym as an over 40, obese, sedentary woman. To be truthful, I never expected my “new gym” to last more than a few weeks. I only joined because my daughter wanted me to try crossfit with her. I didn’t know what crossfit was and I never even bothered to find out before my first workout. I hated working out, my nutrition was horrendous and I had never stuck to a diet or exercise plan.”

“The day I stepped into the gym to meet my coach has forever changed my life. Jon gave me individual attention and motivated me to actually want to keep going to the gym. He made small attainable daily goals for me. At first my goals were pretty basic, such as making sure I came to the next class. Gradually, he began making nutritional goals for me. Again, small goals that were very attainable – I will drink 8 glasses of water today or today I will eat egg whites for breakfast instead of a bagel. Over time, my small goals started to add up to big results. With Jon’s constant guidance I have lost 75 lbs and dropped 7 pants sizes.”

“Throughout this journey, Jon has continued to work closely with me. He has made many adjustments to my programming over the years as I have lost weight, gained strength and rehabbed after injury. He helps me to make new goals and plots out the map for me to reach each goal. Jon has taught me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined both in and outside of the gym. Coach for Life is not just a catch phrase – it embodies his approach to his athletes at Crossfit IronBorn.”

“My fellow athletes at Crossfit IronBorn are also a big part of my life. I am constantly inspired them. They are among the most encouraging, supportive people I have ever met. IronBorn is a family atmosphere and every athlete is ready to cheer you on, pick you up on a down day and celebrate your accomplishments with you. I am truly honored to be part of the Crossfit IronBorn family.”





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